UP London: Urban Prototyping Festival

I am one of the organisers of UP London, an Urban Prototyping Festival to take place in April 2013 in London. UPLondon will explore how rapidly prototyped technology, art and design projects can improve cities. The festival will allow citizens to create prototypes and will connect people with ideas to potential funders. 
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Software Entrepreneurship for MBAs @ Oxford University

Jyoti Banerjee and I are teaching a new Software Entrepreneurship course for the Oxford University MBA at Saîd Business School.  As part of the this 8-week course MBA students work on their own software start-up ideas and develop  business models and technology prototypes. 
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Internet-of-Things Education at Massive Scale

At the Open University we have fundamentally reinvented how we teach computing to first-year undergraduate students. Since October 2011 we are offering a new online course built around the Internet of Things, which has attracted thousands of students. 
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Energy Balanced Living

Energy Balanced Living is a research project in collaboration with E.On that develops new IT solutions for domestic energy generation. In cooperation with over 70 households in Milton Keynes we design user interfaces, systems and algorithms that help people  live more energy efficient lives.
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Personalized Public Transport Maps

Personalised Public Transport Map are a new way to provide public transport information on mobile devices. The maps are generated by mining the public transport behavior of users and provide users with the most relevant information in one glance.  
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GAMBAS: Internet of Things Platform

GAMBAS is a European research project with the goal to design and develop an adaptive Internet of Things middleware for privacy-preserving and automated utilization of behavior-driven services that adapt autonomously to the context of users.
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Catalyst: Citizens Transforming Society

I am one of the principle investigators of Catalyst, a £1.9M project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPRSC). The project brings together academics and communities to jointly imagine and build the next generation of tools for social change, and to explore innovative, bottom-up technology-mediated solutions to major problems in society.
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Situated Glyphs

Situated glyphs are a new design approach for building interactive ambient information environments. They are dynamic visual representations of activities that are situated in place and time: they indicate when, where, which activities can or should take place in an environment. We have designed and tested situated glyphs for hospitals and care facilities.  
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Animal Computer Interaction

I am part of the Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) group at the Open University. Animal-Computer Interaction is a new research area initiated by my colleague Clara Mancini, and aims to study the interaction between animals and computing technology and design interactive technology that  support animals in their habitual tasks or daily lives, fosters the relationship between humans and animals. 
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