Software Entrepreneurship at Oxford University

Posted on by Gerd Kortuem

Later this year Jyoti Banerjee and I will be teaching a new Software Entrepreneurship course as part of Oxford University's MBA program at Saïd Business School. Today we presented the course to prospective students and are now waiting to see how many will sign up. 

Here is a short excerpt from the course description:

"The Software Entrepreneurship course focuses on the intersection of software and business, and investigates the theory and practice of creating and growing successful software firms. The class combines topics from innovation, entrepreneurship, business planning, finance, business management, design, software technology and engineering to provide students with a holistic understanding of software business in general and the software start-up process in particular.

The course is designed for students interested in understanding and practicing innovation in the fast-changing software landscape. Lessons from this course will not only be valuable to budding software entrepreneurs but to everyone who wants to understand and influence how software transforms business and society. The course will in equal parts explore business and technology aspects of software - this is in realisation that successful software firms are often characterized by a close alignment of technology and business innovation."

The Oxford Software Entrepreneurship course is based on previous courses that Jyoti and I have taught independently at various occasions, but this is the first time that we will be teaching a course together. 

Course details are not yet available online so please contact me if you want to know more.

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