Lancaster Open-Data Workshop (Mar 21, 2011)

Posted on by Gerd Kortuem

Together with Julian Tait of FutureEverything, I am organizing an Open Data workshop on March 21, 2011 from 13:00-16:00 at Lancaster University. If you are interested in attending please sign up


This workshop will explore initiatives around the recently founded Manchester Open Data Store (see also a recent article in the Guardian). The data store already contains some details about public sector spending across Greater Manchester, transport, crime data, and locations of recycling centres, schools and GP surgeries. It will also contain data about education, the economy and health. 
This workshop is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with data and to collaboratively explore ideas and innovations around open data.

Workshop Facilitators

Julian Tait (FutureEverything)

Prelimnary schedule:

  1. The Manchseter Open Data Store. Presentation by Julian Tait.
  2. A closer look at open data. Participants will collaboratively explore concrete data sets from the Manchester Open Data Store to identify opportunities and discuss potential issues (data quality, privacy, ownership etc.)
  3. Idea Generation. Participants will collaboratively generate ideas for data-driven products and services and discuss to what extent current data sets are suitable or appropriate to support these products.  

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in open data.