User Innovation for the Internet of Things

Posted on by Gerd Kortuem

In May 2010 I a gave a talk at the CIOT workshop at Pervasive 2010 in Helsinki, which explored the questions: "What can the Internet of Things do for citizens?" I just uploaded my presentation slides (available as pdf and on Slideshare). The talk was based on a paper by my colleague Fahim Kawsar and myself. 



In my talk I discussed how user innovation and market-based innovation can be combined to create user-centered ecosystems that are open for and provide incentives for end-user innovation. The talk was motivated by the observation that traditionally the development of the Internet of Things has been driven by large commercial players, leaving not much room for small independent players or non-profits. This situation is changing, however, as the success of the open hardware movement and the work of design firms such as Tinker London and Berg London testifies. 

A workshop summary has been published in the IEEE Pervasive Magazine