Symposium on New User Experiences and Interfaces for the Web of Things

Posted on by Gerd Kortuem

User experience design for the web of things is gaining a lot of attention recently. For example there will be a symposium on New User Experiences and Interfaces for the Web of Things at the 13th International Conference and Exhibitiopn on Virtual Reality, April 6-10, 2011, Laval, France (

The event is chaired by Frédérique PAIN and Simon RICHIR, both from Bells Labs in France. I am on the program committee - if you are at all interested in UX and HCI issues of the IoT and web of things consider submitting a paper and attending the concefernce. Submission deadline is 10 January 2011, the official call is here.

An excerpt from the call for papers:

Virtualization of physical things that surrounds us presents a novel challenge for the product industry and especially User Experience (UX) practitioners. Augmenting real-world objects with virtual objects addressable on the Web allows for new machine-to-machine interactions to be designed but also for a new user experience to be shaped. Digitally extended products raise new issues in service and product design: novel user interfaces have to be designed to engage users in new services and help them to become aware of the new capabilities and smartness of products. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality communities are invited to present their work on the challenging field of the User Experience Design for the Web of Things to this symposium.