Energy Balanced Living

Energy Balanced Living is a collaborative project with E.On to explore human, social and technical issues of domestic energy generation (from PVC solar panels). The goal is to develop ICT solutions to increase the utility and usability of home energy generation systems and to help energy prosumers get the most out of their home installations. 


Blaine Price, Janet Van Der Linden, Jacky Bourgeois and Gerd Kortuem. When Looking out of the Window is not Enough: Informing The Design of In-Home Technologies for Domestic Energy MicrogenerationICT4S conference. [pdf]

Gerd Kortuem, Janet van der Linden, Blaine Price, Jacky Bourgeois. Information Interfaces for Domestic Energy Microgeneration Services. Digital Futures 2012. The Third Annual All Hands Digital Economy Conference.  Aberdeen, 2012.